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10 Celebrity Sibling Pairs We Can’t Get Enough Of

They always hang around to remind us of our own sibling relationships! #SiblingGoals

Recognized in various regions of the world, National Siblings Day is widely celebrated in the Philippines and other countries on the 10th of April. As a toast to this special occasion, siblings have been sharing a bunch of throwback photos and timely posts in the spirit of siblinghood. 

The bond between brothers and sisters are undeniably special, as most of them have made a trunk of memories throughout their childhood, adolescence, and even adulthood. 

Oftentimes, the joy and success of one sibling is the other’s success story, too, as triumph is always a shared space among the members of a family. To mark this celebration, we shortlisted a roster of celebrity siblings who are on our radar forever.

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In Photos: How Filipino Celebrities Spent Holy Week 2023

Lead photos by @sandroparedes via @jascurtissmith, from @yassipressman, and by @magicliwanag via @chiiloyzagagibbs