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Sponge Cola’s Newest Track Is Inspired By Hit K-Drama “Queen of Tears”

“Tatlong Buwan,” an ode to a lost-and-found love, highlights a couple’s journey to redeeming their romance

Sponge Cola’s Newest Track Is Inspired By Hit K-Drama “Queen of Tears”
Sponge Cola members Armo Armovit, Gosh Dilay, Yael Yuzon, and Ted Mark Cruz | Sony Music Philippines

Sponge Cola’s newest single “Tatlong Buwan” is another pop-rock creation to watch out for. The anthem explores a refreshing theme, brought about by frontman Yael Yuzon’s recent realization. 

“Communication’s important. If you only talk to your wife more, things could’ve been avoided,” he shared in an exclusive interview with Metro.Style. “If you had a smaller house, you’d be able to see each other and talk more. If you weren’t engulfed by lots of business work, business talk, you could’ve talked about other things.”

Inspired by the narrative of hit K-drama Queen of Tears, which tells the tale of a department store magnate and her top lawyer husband’s brawl with the looming threat of divorce and a serious health condition, Yael translated his thoughts into a good-quality material that echoes the importance of rediscovering love in the midst of a marital crisis. “So much can be solved through communication,” he emphasized.

With healing and reconnection as the core theme, “Tatlong Buwan” is a result of Yael’s newfound vulnerability, thanks to the tearjerker Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Won starrer. 

Having been able to write the love tune immediately after watching the show’s tenth episode, Yael went straight to the recording studio the day after to cook up something with music producer Angee Rozul. He gained insight on how to go about it, and sent it to the Sponge Cola chat group to get approval from his bandmates. Yael first received a reply from bass guitarist Gosh Dilay, who, according to Yael, is the group’s “resident Filipino language checker.” Following his team’s green light, he sent the masterpiece to Joey Santos to spice it up with additional instrumentation. 

According to Yael, who says that he is emotional, he sees the song through his lens as an expressive piece. “It felt like a letter. It felt like structure wasn’t the main point of the song. It was more of just letting your feelings out. That’s why there’s no second verse. It just goes straight from [the] first chorus to bridge to [the] last chorus and then to coda.”

Hinging on the concept of a love being once lost and then eventually found, Yael explained why he trusts in the power of rekindling romance: “At a certain point, you just have to troubleshoot, take a step back, and check what’s the hindrance here. Is it [the] lack of time? Is it the disconnect due to distance, which is more of a common Filipino thing because we’re an archipelago and a lot of people live abroad? As long as we’re alive, there’s always hope, and as long as there is love, there is hope. At least that’s how I see it.”

The ensemble’s drummer, Ted Mark Cruz, agreed with Yael's optimistic point of view as well. When it comes to love, the two definitely think that hope can be anyone’s friend, and that love is something that doesn’t completely lose its viability. “Of course, anything’s fixable. Earlier, I was thinking it should go both ways, ’di ba? Pero naisip ko lang just after that thought na even if only one party has that idea—while you can’t force the other—in a way, love can be rekindled,” Ted said.

“Kim Soo Hyun (Baek Hyun Woo) is really the relatable guy… We were all him. That’s the general feeling. And he carries that role—that load—really well. He’s a really good actor. He’s so good at holding things back that you end up feeling [like] ‘dude, why aren’t you reacting?’ ‘I would be breaking down right now but you’re just hiding it all in,” Yael added.

Filming the single’s music video in the actual shoot locations of the tvN’s highest-rating K-drama, Yael looked back on why it was a magical encounter for him. “I don’t have a camera crew with me, really; I went there alone with a camera. I was pretty scared because I knew that if I do a bad job, it’s going to be a bad video.”

“I’m not really like a film director or anything… But going to all these locations, there’s really an engulfing feeling when you’re there. You feel that so much emotion was poured into these locations because K-dramas are very emotional. And just the idea of being there, you feel that there are still remnants of those feelings left.”

For more than two decades now, the iconic Filipino rock band remains a valuable force in the OPM scene. As to what its secret is to staying strong, lead guitarist Erwin “Armo” Armovit declared: “Lots of teamwork and respect and boundaries.” Gosh, on the other hand, talked about how they maintain the balance between their personal and professional endeavors. “We give each other [the] right amount of space. We respect each other’s privacy. We enjoy our own lives and we get to enjoy our lives with them.”

According to Ted, meanwhile, staying firm equates to making things interesting each and every time. “For me, I think it’s keeping it fresh. Even if we play the older songs, mas maganda kung may fresh point of view,” he said. 

“’Yung passion mo. If it’s there kasi, parang everything feels new every single day, e, because you’re always out for blood—not morbid!” Yael chimed. “But that’s really what it is, e. You’re always there looking for something great to do next…Waking up excited is one of the best feelings ever, as opposed to waking up with a sense of dread.”

Sponge Cola’s “Tatlong Buwan” is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Entertainment. Check out the official music video below:

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