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Happily Ever After: Lovi Poe and Monty Blencowe Wedding

It’s the wedding of the year as Lovi Poe and Monty Blencowe get married in an elegant ceremony at the Cliveden House in Berkshire, United Kingdom

An unexpected meeting in Los Angeles, a long-distance relationship across multiple cities, a secret engagement in Malibu, and a surprise wedding in the United Kingdom—the romance of Lovi Poe and Monty Blencowe gives the dramas and movies they both create a run for their money.

Monty, an L.A.- based British movie producer, and Lovi, an A-list multi-hyphenate actress, singer, and host, in the Philippines; certainly have produced and been part of weddings, but this one is the most special for them both. This is the real thing. 

And so, this August 26, 2023, at 3:30PM in the afternoon, at the historic Cliveden House; Lovi walked down the aisle with their nearest and dearest as witnesses.

Lovi shared some of the details of their engagement and their wedding with Metro during their cover prenup shoot last July.

Lovi Poe and Monty Blencowe
Metro Weddings Cover Lovi Poe and Monty Blencowe | Metro Photo

Secret wedding date

Much of the details of the wedding were kept quiet. It was only when guests started arriving in the United Kingdom that gave the inkling that the event was about to take place. 

Some clues also came from Lovi, who posted photos of fascinators, and finally, her bridal shower photos and cake with the words “Bride to be” sometime on August 23.

Then she shared a photo of bridal gown fitting in Patricia Santos’ atelier, her date night photos, and her wedding invitation.

It was really when she posted the photo of Cliveden House that those waiting back in Manila started adding two and two together, and now waited in anticipation of new developments.

And so by 3:30PM or 10:30PM on August 26, a veiled Lovi started walking down the garden aisle, with the music of a harpist and cellist in the background.  

At the end of the aisle was top-hat wearing Monty, quietly waiting for his bride.

Their witnesses, 12 rows of 8 guests each, which comprised of the family of both Lovi and Monty. On Lovi’s side: her mother, Rowena and sister Yela, Senator Grace Poe, Brian Poe Llamanzares, and DJ Ron Poe.

Some of Lovi’s friends from Manila also flew in: Sam Verzosa and Rhian Ramos, Dr. Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho, Bela Padilla, Max Collins, Tim Yap, as well as Lovi’s manager Leo Dominguez and Jun Lalin.

On the other hand, Monty had in attendance his mom, siblings, and nieces.


Cliveden House

Finding the perfect location was something that Lovi took to task. Originally, she imagined her wedding in Italy, since she loved the country.

“But then, eventually, something hit me that we decided to go with the first place we saw, which was in England,” she says.

England feels close to home, because Monty is actually English, and his mom, says Lovi, also fell in love with Cliveden House.


“It felt like, you know that moment when you think, this is it, this is the place. It made so much sense for us,” she adds

“It’s beautiful, it’s beyond actually what I’ve wanted, and far more than I’ve dreamed of.”


Beautiful and elegant wedding

We’ve seen many celebrity weddings, but this one is speaks of so much elegance and sophistication. Classy without being over-the-top and intimate, ultimately befitting the personalities of Lovi and Monty.

Everything looked picture-perfect and well-thought out—from their gorgeous venue, Cliveden House; their florist, Wild at Heart; and cake by Anna Lewis to their invitations and prints by Feliz Studio and the music by ALR Music and The Beat Band.


With her Lovi also had her stylist and bridesmaid Adrianne Concepcion, who was with her throughout the entire process of finding the perfect gown and outfit. She chose Patricia Santos for her wedding gowns and paired them with shoes by Valentino and lockets by Imono. A detail to note is that the one of the lockets has a photo of her father, Fernando Poe Jr. 

Lovi’s makeup was by Robbie Piñera and hair by Elle Bondoc.


On the other hand, Monty’s suit is a bespoke Gresham Blake suit and Favourbrook waistcoat.

Finally, all the magic was brought to the public in Manila through the efforts of the amazing team of Metrophoto, with Oly Ruiz, Erron Ocampo, and Trish Shishikura. Her videos, which we’re looking forward to watching, are by Bob Nicolas.


A beautiful relationship with a fairytale ending, Metro is proud to have been witness to such a wonderful occasion. To Monty and Lovi, all our best wishes!


Venue: Cliveden House

Florist: Wild at Heart

Cake: Anna Lewis

Invitation & Prints: Feliz Studio

Music: ALR Music, The Beat Band

Lovi’s Gowns: Patricia Santos

Shoes: Valentino

Lockets: Imono

Monty’s Suit: Gresham Blake and Favourbrook waistcoat

Makeup: Robbie Pinera

Hair: Elle Bondoc

Styling: Adrianne Concepcion

Photography: Metrophoto (Oly Ruiz, Erron Ocampo, Trish Shishikura)

Video: Bob Nicolas

Lovi Poe and British boyfriend Monty Blencowe Are Now Engaged!


Lovi Poe and British boyfriend Monty Blencowe Are Now Engaged!