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EIC on the Move Takes on Revenge Travel in Singapore

Together with the Singapore Tourism Board, host Raul Manzano gives the lowdown on some of Singapore's most luxurious hotels and restaurants, nightlife, tours, and wellness spas. In this first episode, he talks about Luxury Escapades

Revenge travel is the word on the street, and one of the top-of-mind destinations is Singapore. This is what brought EIC on the Move Raul Manzano to this gorgeous city to experience some of the most exclusive offerings that business and leisure travelers might be interested in.


In his escapade all throughout Singapore, he visits some of the most luxurious hotels and restaurants and gets a glimpse of Singapore’s nightlife, spectacular tours and wellness spas—proving that there’s always something new to discover in this vibrant city.


New Ubin Seafood

In the first episode, he focused on Luxury Escapades. First he was brought straight to one of Singapore’s most historic restaurants, The New Ubin Seafood, for a quick lunch.

New Ubin Seafood is Zi Char at its finest. Its history can be traced back to the island of Pulau Ubin, kampong-style seafood was served from a humble home and opened to those who visited the north shore. Eventually, it developed a reputation for serving fresh, authentic, and delicious seafood in a laid-back environment.

“Our lunch at New Ubin Seafood was a pleasant surprise. So for anyone who wants to experience authentic Singaporean cooking style Zi Char, come pay a visit to New Ubin Seafood, truly Singapore cuisine,” says Raul.


The Barracks Hotel

This hotel is a romantic heritage getaway as it provides a historical view of Singapore’s maritime past. Located in Sentosa, it was once a British artillery outpost, a home to soldiers everywhere. It celebrates the romance of travel, from its thoughtful rooms and heritage spaces, luxury rooms to the exquisite details of maritime elements restored and repurposed.

This is one of Singapore’s hidden gems, so you’ll always feel like you’ve uncovered a gorgeous, secret hotel that can take you back to Singapore’s storied past. In itself, the establishment has gone through several renovations blending modern with old-world charm.


Oasia Spa Sentosa

And for those who want to spend their vacation at the Barracks Hotel in Sentosa, they’re in for a treat with the Oasia Spa Sentosa. This highly-rated spa has an extensive list of treatments, perfect for a long day of travel.

“Rewarding yourself with a massage like this makes the hours of waiting and travel worth every penny,” shares Raul.


Running Trails

Viewers of EIC on the move know that Raul loves running, and Singapore trails are close to his heart.

“In the past, I used to run the trails at the Botanical Gardens as it was close to the house of my friends whom I stayed with in Singapore,” Raul shares.

This time, he explored the Southern Ridges. The trail is connected to different parks, and Raul managed to visit three: Mount Faber, Telok Blangah Hill Park, and Kent Ridge Park.

There’s also the Henderson Waves bridge, located 36-meters above ground, and is the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore. It’s an interesting counterpoint to the lush green belt in Singapore, with its undulating shape of a wave that curves and twists its entire 274-metre length. The curved ‘ribs’ are actually made of Balau wood, a dense hardwood used in heavy construction that’s found only in Southeast Asia.

One that also deserves mention is Fort Canning Park, which offers a trail full of culture and heritage. If you can just imagine, this place once housed Malay royalty in medieval times, it was where the British decided to surrender to the invading Japanese during World War II, and more recently, where the biggest music acts performed.


ONE°15 Charters Luxury Yachting

Many of the city’s attractions are only a car ride away, but the thrill of the sea is another destination that shouldn’t be missed in Singapore. In particular, there’s the ONE°15 Charters Luxury Yachting which offers more than a private cruise for hire. It’s a great way for friends and family to see the city skyline from a different viewpoint. Here’s an insider’s secret: ONE15 is actually a good way to explore some of Singapore’s off-shore islands! You can finally check off St. John’s Island, or even Lazarus Island off of your list–even if viewed from just afar.


Custom Watch Workshop

Raul also has great appreciation for watches—and even more coveted are custom-made watches that make everything new and special. For anyone looking for a perfect gift to bring home, this should be in your Singapore itinerary. This company is called Cranky Cats Co, which created a watch-building workshop for a select few.

“To my surprise, building a watch was actually easier than I thought. The process took a while, but in the end, you can be proud of yourself for making something truly special,” he adds. Raul actually heard of this workshop before, but it was a pleasant surprise to finally get to experience it for himself.


Cookery Workshop with Ruqxana Vasanwala

And as Singapore cuisine is a mix of all things Asian, some of the best restaurants here are regarded for their multifaceted flavors from modern Singapore cuisine to the classic Malay and Indian-inspired dishes of the region.

Cookery Magic, in particular, was a unique cooking workshop established in 2001. Here, you can try authentic Singaporean cuisine in the actual home of Ruqxana Vasanwala herself. It’s truly an immersive experience because it’s much like having a friend invite you to their house to eat. Raul, who loves cooking, enjoyed it immensely, and even learned some new dishes to add to his repertoire.


Kim Choo Kueh Chang

Another location you must not miss is towards the East Coast Road at Marine Parade. The store is known for serving a famous rice dumpling called the Nyonya Chang which started way back in 1945. People love its rich taste, which has been preserved through the years. Known as a Peranakan treasure, Kim Choo Kueh Chang continues to thrive under Mada Lee Kim Choo’s third-generation descendants who preserve their grandma’s recipes, and the artfully wrapped triangular rice dumplings. Still operating in its original location in Joo Chiat Place, it has now become a must-visit for both locals asnd tourists that they also manage a Singapore Visitor Centre for the precinct of Katong & Joo Chiat!


Atlas Bar

Then there’s also Atlas Bar, which can seemingly teleport you back to the roaring ‘20s era! It’s reminiscent of the great art deco lobbies of New York and Europe, and is nestled on the ground floor of Singapore’s iconic Parkview Square building in the historic Bugis neighborhood. It’s also recognized as one of Asia’s 50 Best Bars!

Raul absolutely loves the ambiance. “I’ve been here many times and I’m excited to get to share this bar,” he says.


Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck

A trip to Singapore should also include a chance to try the Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck restaurant, which is part of the Imperial Treasure group that specializes in authentic Chinese cuisine. The restaurant has been given awards such as Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants as well as 2 Michelin Stars by the Michelin Guide.



Finally, even if you sleep early like Raul, you can definitely find your way around Singapore’s nightlife. He visited LeVeL33—an award-winning dining concept situated on the rooftop of Marina Bay Financial Center. It’s the world’s highest urban microbrewery!

“We capped the day with a drink in hand, and a gorgeous view,” says Raul. What a spectacular view to cap the wonderful trip!

And even though Raul has been to Singapore many times, he still found new, luxurious places to explore. “I truly enjoyed my escapades here in Singapore,” he shares about the experience. “For me, luxury is having time for yourself and appreciating new experiences.”

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