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Which Luggage Suits Your Travel Personality the Best?

American Tourister releases new campaign: #FindFunEverywhere

Between Taylor Swift Eras Tour stops and seat sales, our itineraries are full. To say “travel is back” is an understatement. After years at home, travel is the one thing we will keep doing for work and play until we feel we’ve made up for the time lost. 

It is why American Tourister, one of the country’s favorite luggage brands, presented their newest campaign for southeast Asia: #FindFunEverywhere at Whitespace Manila. The launch was a huge party—reminiscent of a campus fair—complete with popcorn, cotton candy, and mocktails! Every corner was busy with interactive stations, photo sessions with MEETKESO, and a caricature booth. 


Tiktok dance stars Sheena Belarmino, Niko Badayos, and Eli Padilla and all the guests got their content in with American Tourister’s top luggage designs.

The program saw American Tourister Philippines Country Manager, Michael Corpuz, onstage. He says, “More than just a phrase, #FindFunEverywhere is a mindset, a philosophy that encourages us to seek out excitement, laughter, and joy no matter where we are. It’s a reminder that even in the most ordinary moments, there is an opportunity for playfulness and discovery.”


The campaign debuted the latest video, showcasing how dance is integral to American Tourister. The brand is known for its love of spontaneity and dynamism. “When we are happy, when we explore the world, when we find fun…we dance,” says American Tourister Marketing Head for Southeast Asia Hazlina Dayangku. 

American Tourister carries four major luggage categories. Within each category, you’ll find an array of captivating colors and three TSA-approved sizes. The choices are limitless and can be paired with every destination you fancy. You can mix and match across styles or your can stick to one design for both your carry-on and check-in luggage for that streamlined look and approach.


The Frontec series is characterized by a laptop compartment and a USB port, for those who mix business with pleasure. It also has anti-theft double protection, so you’re worry free on-the-go. 

For those who don’t travel light, there is the Curio series. The expandable DuoSaf™ Security Zipper and recessed TSA lock accommodates all your things, so you don’t have to hold back when it comes to shopping while on a trip. 

Squasem is for the organized traveler. It features a multi-pocket and multi-functioned storage design. On top of that, it is made of  sturdy PP (Polypropylene) material so you can go the extra mile when it comes to long flights or extended stays. 

The Squasem

The constant traveler will love the Maxivo series. It is for those who need to pack easily between trips. It boasts of the PlentiVol Packing System: the main lid is shallow ensuring plenty of storage. 

Shop American Tourister here.

Before You Go On Your Revenge Trip, Consider Hiring A Travel Curator


Before You Go On Your Revenge Trip, Consider Hiring A Travel Curator