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This Is Why Cleaning Your Tongue Has Immense Benefits

We let you in on why adding the Ayurvedic practice of tongue scraping to your oral hygiene is beneficial for mind and body!

When it comes to oral hygiene, the first thing that most likely comes to mind is brushing your teeth. While this common practice is of much value, did you know that adding another practice to your oral hygiene routine can do you even more good? And no, we're not talking about swishing mouth wash around your mouth or flossing. We're taking about cleaning your tongue. 

Better known as tongue scraping, this Ayurvedic practice holds a host of benefits for the mind and body. By investing in this affordable tool, and by actively practicing it daily, it's only a matter of time before you reap its rewards.

Some of us might have been taught by our parents to brush our tongue using our toothbrush, but the right way to do it is by using a proper tongue scraping tool. Now widely available in the market, the tongue scraper is an affordable yet invaluable addition to any bathroom kit. Before you go on to ordering your own, allow us to walk you through some of its remarkable benefits. 

According to wellness site Chopra, "Since the tongue and oral cavity are gateways between your mind-body system and the outside environment, maintaining the health of this vital organ is critical to general well-being." We may have neglected our tongue, or our mouths in general when it comes to our health, but today, we are reminded that this tiny part of the body is a crucial part in maintaining overall health and wellbeing. 

The website also states that "According to Ayurveda, this simple practice is a direct way of removing toxicity from your physiology. Scraping the tongue daily removes any build-up which, if left untreated, can lead to bad breath and may house a significant number of bacteria. This coating can result from improper eating, poor digestion, or a reflection of an imbalance somewhere in the gastrointestinal system."

Check your tongue. You may have a white coating or film on top of it, which is a sign of imbalance. Tongue scraping can help remove said build-up, but consulting your physician about the cause of the imbalance is also key. On the other hand, with all the food and drinks we consume daily, it's inevitable that some of it may be left behind on our tongue. Clearing our tongues out of gunk can present a host of pros, such as an improved palate. Some say that regular tongue scraping has allowed them to enjoy flavors from food more, and this has also helped them lessen the need to add salt or go overboard on the condiments. 

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Apart from getting to enjoy our tastebuds more and keeping us away from bad breath, tongue scraping can also help enhance our digestion. According to Mind Body Green, "In Ayurveda, proper digestion is considered to be the foundation of health. Given that digestion begins with taste, the ancient medical system says that removing tongue buildup ultimately makes the entire digestive process run more smoothly." 

One benefit we truly love from tongue scraping is the mental health perks it gives. According to Chopra, "From an Ayurvedic perspective, we clear the mind when we cleanse and open up the communication systems of the body. Certain foods that we eat, such as dark chocolate, can communicate with the mind to improve our mood. They contain phytochemicals that can signal the release of feel-good molecules as well as send signals from the tongue to the brain that immediately make us feel better. This communication wouldn’t be possible if those channels are clogged." Now who knew being able to taste chocolate better and improving our minds because of it could be achieved because our tongues are clean? 

Convinced that you need to be scraping your tongue regularly? Now you only need one and practice how to do it properly. As seen in the video above, you'll find that it's doable and easy to incorporate into your existing morning routine. Shop our pick by clicking below:

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