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8 Things We Absolutely Loved About BINI’s First Solo Concert

Three’s a charm: three days of BINIverse took over the metro last weekend. Here are the highlights from this series of three sold-out, three-hour shows

The final days of June 2024 went down in local entertainment history as the days BINI, the Nation’s Girl Group, wowed fans from all over the Philippines with a series of three sold-out, three-hour shows of "BINIverse: The First Solo Concert."

The eight-piece P-Pop ensemble called on fans of all ages and walks of life to continue celebrating their third year since debuting with a mid-year spectacle truly fitting of their continuously rising fame.

It has been a year of abundance for the viral hitmakers of “Pantropiko,” “Salamin, Salamin,” “Karera,” “Lagi,” “Na Na Na,” and more—from performing live shows in the Philippines and abroad to receiving prestigious awards, launching numerous endorsements, and hosting BINI-themed events, all on top of releasing and promoting new music.

BINI has undoubtedly become a certified P-Pop powerhouse, and Aiah, Colet, Maloi, Gwen, Stacey, Mikha, Jhoanna, and Sheena have been elevated to complete P-Pop superstars.

After selling out three days at the New Frontier Theater in Araneta City, of course, Metro.Style couldn’t help but support and celebrate our June 2022 cover girls during Day 2 of BINIverse! Here are some of our favorite things from the three-hour show:

Entering BINIverse

On the second day, the venue was already abuzz as Blooms gathered outside and in the lobby of New Frontier Theater. Brands that the girl group have endorsed treated the audience to a handful of freebies—from canvas bags to lanyards, soaps and skincare samples, and more. A variety of official BINI merchandise was also available for fans to purchase. The pre-show also engaged fans in games and challenges with special prizes. Plus, there were short performances from Pinoy Big Brother’s Jem Macatuno and He’s Into Her’s Gello Marquez.

The first song medley

There is always something electrifying about a concert’s opening number, and BINIverse’s did not disappoint. As Blooms eagerly anticipated the first chords of the night’s first song, a hard-hitting arrangement of “Na Na Na” filled the theater, with BINI performing the song followed by “Lagi” and “I Feel Good,” before ending with closing verses of “Na Na Na” once again.

The song arrangements

While BINI’s studio-recorded songs are primarily mixed as pop, the BINIverse live performances were a completely different experience. The group usually performs to backing music, but the concert setlist was arranged with the band Six Part Invention who gave the group’s live renditions a mix of heavier drums, guitars, bass, and keyboards. If the sound on the video recordings already was fantastic, it was even better listening in person.

The glam and the style

Leave it to the teams behind BINI’s costumes, makeup, and hairstyles to give us everything when it comes to stunning visuals! Throughout the three-hour concert, BINI flaunted six different outfit changes as a group, showcasing each member’s personality with individually styled looks that came together cohesively whenever they stood as a group. There were also solo stages that welcomed Blooms to the girls’ own “BINIverses,” where they also donned different costumes from each other. Suffice it to say, BINI’s overall visuals at the concert were their best to date!

The solo stages

Speaking of solo stages, all eight members of BINI were given their time to shine even more with a performance handpicked by the girls themselves. Aiah delighted the crowd with pop and R&B sensation “Woman” by Doja Cat. Colet transformed into music royalty Beyoncé with “Crazy in Love.” Maloi paid homage to OPM with “Oo” by Up Dharma Down. Gwen fulfilled a life-long dream of performing “Woman Like Me” by Little Mix. Stacey was powerful in pink as she belted “Thank U, Next” by Ariana Grande. Mikha rocked out with a medley of Paramore’s “That’s What You Get” and Dua Lipa’s “Don’t Start Now.” Jhoanna challenged herself and succeeded to hit the highest notes of Sarah Geronimo’s “Isa Pang Araw” as she performed it with a string quartet. And, finally, Sheena went back to her first love with an all-dance production to Rihanna’s “Pour It Up.”

The members’ spiels between sets.

Any self-respecting Bloom knows what a racket BINI members are together—on- and off-camera. It was the same onstage as the girls bantered with each other and the audience, regaling their humble beginnings from Star Hunt Academy and Kumu to their first solo concert weekend. Though leader Jhoanna admitted that they were all nervous that night, seeing all the Blooms who have grown with them in their journey made it all worth it. While Maloi and Aiah turned emotional at different points in the concert, Sheena and Stacey provided the comic relief; while Colet, Mikha, and Gwen remained their “fighter” selves. (The rest of the girls noted that Gwen hadn’t been feeling well the entire weekend, but still pushed through performing out of her sheer love for BINI and their Blooms!)

“Malayo Pa, Pero Malayo Na”

The “8” slogan project, a touching effort that involved fans raising banners with the aforementioned phrase, highlighted BINI’s many ups and downs through a slideshow of photos from years past. OT8 (“One True 8”) were visibly emotional as they sang the song, which Colet wrote and dedicated to her sisters in BINI.

That epic encore

While the entire concert was packed with truly memorable performances from all the BINI members, the night’s encore featured a performance of their pre-debut single “Da Coconut Nut” transitioning to their biggest hit “Pantropiko”—with full on-stage costume change at that—was a fitting end to the three-hour production. BINI also kept messages in balloons that were released at the end of the show, alongside LED balls that the audience could play with while the last notes faded and the members of BINI disappeared behind the stage’s LED wall.

Bonus: The numbers “three” and “eight” definitely had a huge role in the entire “BINIverse” narrative, and we salute the masterminds behind the many Easter eggs fans would dine on for weeks and weeks to come.

On Day 3, Team BINI also surprised Blooms—especially Team Bahay—by announcing that they will get another chance to see their favorite P-Pop idols live at the “Grand BINIverse Concert” happening on October 4, 2024, at the Araneta Coliseum! With a bigger venue and possibly more songs on the lineup, there is much to look forward to for all fans of OT8!

Catch some exclusive photos from BINI’s “BINIverse: The First Solo Concert” via the gallery below:

Lead photos by Pat Buenaobra

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