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Metro Fascinating Women 2023: Chloe Magno, Model

See how this global model is a representation of the best things about being a woman and Filipino today

The world, rightfully, demands more from the fashion industry when it uses the word “model.” It’s not about looking a certain way, it’s not about a restrictive criteria, and it’s not just about an iconic runway walk. Our collective growing awareness puts a spotlight on the synonym for model: representation. 

Chloe Magno stands proudly representing the Philippines in campaigns for Miu Miu, Gucci, Balenciaga, Chanel Beauty, and Calvin Klein to name a few. Chloe is part of  The Lions—the same agency that carries names such as Rita Ora, Coco Rocha, and Georgia Mae Jagger in their roster of talent. 

At this point, Chloe’s message serves as a beacon that there is more work to be done, but we are on the right track. 

Read our exclusive full interview with Chloe Magno below!


Metro.Style: Tell us more about what you do. How did you get started? 

Chloe Magno: I am a model. I was first scouted in Hawaii during my senior year of high school and I started modeling full-time in Los Angeles after I graduated.

MS: What projects are your favorite so far? How did they contribute to understanding your career?

CM: My favorite has been my cover shoot [for an international title in Manila]. I was really proud to share that accomplishment with my family. I was really proud of the photos, and I was proud of the fact that I deserved to be there. It felt like the payoff for ten years of hard work. 

I’m also very thankful for my long-term commercial and e-commerce clients.  In modeling, you can get caught in a trap of coveting the “coolest” or most high fashion bookings, but my years of shooting e-commerce gave me financial security and a strong work ethic. I enjoy and appreciate modeling a lot more now because of those years. 

MS: What do you like most about your work?

CM: I love my job! I’m having so much fun right now. I love traveling the world through a job where I can laugh and be creative and meet so many people from different backgrounds.

As I’ve gotten older, it has become easier to appreciate the good parts of the job while finding some peace and perspective in the more painful moments. 

Chloe for Chanel

MS: What is it about fashion that ultimately empowers women?

CM: Fashion is a testament and reflection of the people wearing it, whether that be good or bad.  Anything that helps express your truth, point of view, and identity is empowering.

MS: What is the biggest obstacle you’ve faced that has defined you?

CM: Modeling can be very lonely and isolating. It tests your sense of self-worth mentally, physically, and spiritually. I continue to struggle with self-confidence and body image issues. Being open with others about insecurities or hardships has helped me feel more connected and less in my own head.

MS: What is the role of fashion when it comes to body positivity and body neutrality?

CM: Fashion should inherently be body neutral or positive—it only exists to serve the consumer and the consumer comes in every shape and size.

Everyone deserves their clothing to be designed thoughtfully by people who value and recognize their needs. It’s embarrassing that the fashion industry continues to cater to only a narrow minority of people for a false sense of superiority. We have a long way to go before the industry is representative of the people it depends on.

Chloe for CR Fashion Book Japan

MS: Who are the women who have shaped your beliefs and how?

CM: The women in my family obviously are the first and main women to shape my worldview. My two best friends from childhood have been my biggest inspiration and motivation since I was twelve years old. I’ve also had a few formative friendships with older women who taught me a lot about vulnerability and generosity. 

MS: What advice would you give to young girls still looking for their place in the world?

CM: To not spend too much energy stressing about not knowing your place in the world. I’ve wasted so much time being ashamed that I wasn’t more self-assured or accomplished as I perceived others to be.

No one has it figured out. The world is changing every day and so are you. Your place is where you are most honest and loving to yourself. 

MS: What is the biggest misconception about fashion and modeling you want to combat?

CM: I think there’s a misconception that modeling and fashion is a shallow, one-dimensional field. Obviously, there are shallow or vapid aspects of it, but that exists in every field of work. I have met so many genuine, creative, joyful, hard-working people throughout the years. 

As with everything in life, your experience is largely determined by the energy you choose to operate in.

MS: What are your next big goals?

CM: This year, I am trying to focus on living a less transient lifestyle mentally and physically. 

I’m still  feeling like I don’t know my place in the world or what I fully want for myself going forward. I’m trying to take my own advice and be honest with what makes me feel best, be kind to myself, and to keep working hard. 

Interview and text by Olivia Sylvia Estrada 

Photos from Chloe Magno

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