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Boxer Shorts for Street Style: We Make A Case For/Against It

What's your take on this trend? Would you wear it or leave it to the risk-takers?

Fashion these days has all been for comfort—but is it pushing it a bit much these days? Historically, fashion demanded that we endure discomfort for the sake of style, with designs often coming at the expense of comfort. However, the trends are shifting towards more comfortable pieces, with one unexpected trend taking over: boxer shorts. Are they a revelation of comfort, or simply too laidback for a fashion trend?

This all started when Paul Mescal showed up at the front row of Gucci Men's Spring/Summer 2025 show wearing boxer shorts paired with a blue Gucci dress shirt and accessorized with a watch. His bold choice of wearing boxer shorts created buzz and ignited curiosity about alternative ways to style boxer shorts beyond their usual role as undergarments.

Paul Mescal at the Gucci Men's Spring/Summer 2025 show

Boxer shorts are now being embraced by designers for their runway shows and style stars on the streets like Kendall Jenner and Kristen Stewart. This trend highlights yet again a significant shift in the fashion industry towards prioritizing comfort.

Kendall Jenner and Kristen Stewart sporting boxer shorts.

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