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ENHYPEN Talks About Fashion And Upcoming Music At The Bench Fun Meet

Hear it from the boys of ENHYPEN about who's the trendsetter in the group and their favorite Bench pieces.

K-pop group ENHYPEN is not only making waves in the music industry but also in the world of fashion. Known for their impeccable style, the members consistently turn heads with their trendsetting looks and versatile fashion sense.

During an exclusive press conference ahead of their BENCH Fun Meet titled “A Sweet Experience,” members Jungwon, Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo and Ni-ki shared their excitement about their collaboration with the renowned fashion brand BENCH as well as their excitement for the opportunity to meet with their Philippine ENGENEs (ENHYPEN’s fanbase).

ENHYPEN at the Bench Fun Meet 2024

Heeseung shares “I know BENCH is one of the leading lifestyle and clothing brands in the Philippines that’s why we’re very excited and joyful to work together.” 

Whether on stage, in music videos or during their daily lives, ENHYPEN effortlessly exudes a sense of style that is both innovative and captivating. So it’s no surprise that they have become fashion icons for fans around the world.

When asked which of the members they think is updated when it comes to fashion, Jay answered, "For me, I think Sunghoon is the best because he is well aware of the trends and actually knows what’s best fit for him.” 

Jay and Heeseung of ENHYPEN at the Bench Fun Meet 2024
Ni-ki, Sunghoon, and Sunoo of ENHYPEN at the Bench Fun Meet 2024

Sunghoon then chimed in, "For me, actually, it's all the members. We are all fashionable." And this is why they’re such a perfect fit to become #GlobalBENCHsetters!

Ni-ki also shared that the kind of fashion he enjoys nowadays is street-style looks. "But I'm also very interested in trying different fashion styles," he added. While Jay said that he's also into street fashion as well as loose, oversized looks.

Jungwon and Jake of ENHYPEN at the Bench Fun Meet 2024

Indeed with their unique fashion sense and their genuine enthusiasm for connecting with fans, ENHYPEN continues to shine both on and off the stage. Their ability to seamlessly blend different styles and consistently present themselves with confidence and flair makes them true trendsetters.

The K-pop powerhouse recently released its special album “MEMORABILIA” for “DARK MOON” along with the music video for the title track “Fatal Trouble.” ENHYPEN is also gearing up for a summer comeback this July.