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Corner Tree Cafe Is Closing Its Doors Soon

The popular vegan and vegetarian restaurant is saying goodbye for now

For 15 years, Corner Tree Café on Jupiter Street has been more than just a restaurant; it's been a favorite among vegans and foodies, as well as a cherished community hub in Bel-Air. 

Now, with a heavy heart, owner Chiqui Sy-Quia Mabanta announces its closure on September 30, 2024.

Corner Street Café will be closing on September 30, 2024 | Courtesy of Neal Oshima

"Not sure how to break this to you all," Chiqui begins, "But after 15 years, Corner Tree Café Jupiter branch will be closing its doors when our lease ends."

Founded as one of Metro Manila's pioneer vegan restaurants, Corner Tree Café has left an indelible mark on the city's dining scene. From its cozy interior to its rustic al fresco area, Corner Tree Café has become a beloved spot in Bel-Air. 

The al fresco area last Valentine's Day | Courtesy of Chiqui Mabanta

Chiqui, the soul behind the café, reflects on the bittersweet decision to move on: "I am filled with sadness, as I thought we would be here forever. But I also feel a bit of relief, as running the café by myself has become increasingly challenging."

Indeed, maintaining a restaurant while balancing the demands of motherhood — Chiqui is a proud mom to a 7-year-old — has been no small feat. The decision to transition to a cloud kitchen model and focus on catering from their commissary reflects both pragmatism and hope for the future. After all, they’ve catered to so many over the years — from vegans to meat-eaters (this writer included, whose eyes were opened by their take on Arroz a la Cubana) and even local and international celebrities like Adam Levine of Maroon 5, Ed Sheeran, Bono of U2, and more. 

Chiqui muses on the possibility of reopening elsewhere, perhaps as a cooperative venture. “Will we reopen? If it’s meant to be. If a nice space becomes available and I can find a team to help run it – maybe as a co-op."

Chiqui expresses profound thanks to the dedicated staff who've been part of Corner Tree's journey and to the loyal patrons who made it a home away from home. "To all those who helped make it what it is, to all those who helped me, THANK YOU. I am super grateful [for] 15 years... not too bad, right?"

Corner Tree Café's legacy transcends its physical presence on Jupiter Street. The hope remains, as Chiqui looks to the future with optimism. In Chiqui’s words, "Let’s see if things fall into place… There is still a desire to get people to eat healthier, and perhaps we can reach even more people this way.”

As the community prepares to bid farewell to Corner Tree Café's Jupiter branch, memories flood in of first dates over plant-based dinners, children delighting in veggie meals, and countless celebrations marked by wholesome food and camaraderie.

"Come over to Corner Tree Cafe before we close," Chiqui says. | Courtesy of Neal Oshima

"Come over to Corner Tree before we close," Chiqui invites, resonating with gratitude. "Create more memories. Or to say goodbye. We will operate until September 30. So that's still three months. Would love to end it with a bang."

Corner Tree Café may be closing its doors, but its story is far from over. Here’s to celebrating 15 years of delicious memories and looking forward to what the future may bring! 

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Corner Tree Café | 120 Jupiter Street, Bel-Air, Makati | FB: | IG: @cornertreecafe

All photos used with permission from Chiqui Sy-Quia Mabanta