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Fast Facts About “Kill Boksoon” Actress Jeon Do Yeon

Here's a crash course on the “Kill Boksoon” star who is known for her killer skills in acting

From Emergency Declaration (2021) and Crash Course in Romance (2023) to Kill Boksoon (2023), South Korean star Jeon Do-yeon is still on a roll as her roles continue to capture the audience’s approval. Through her acting chops in The Harmonium In My Memory (1999), Happy End (1999), Untold Scandal (2003), You Are My Sunshine (2005), and Way Back Home (2013), her reputation as a chameleon allowed her to take on many hats as a multilayered actress.

Whether it is a national athlete, side dish store owner, government official, caring mother, or contract assassin that she is playing, Jeon Do-yeon has alighted on her true prime in a new light. Now at 50, the Korean actress is keeping at her A game by aiming at genres of various types: violence, disaster, and romantic dramedy.

In fact, her latest starring stint, Kill Boksoon, landed Netflix Philippines’ Top 10 Movies a few hours after its release. And for her role here, she is also nominated as Best Actress at the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards.

With her acting range, the heavy drama veteran is a dream come true for creators who value versatility.

Here are five facts about the seasoned actress:

Lead photos courtesy of Netflix

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