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Kiana Valenciano Is Now Engaged!

Gary Valenciano announced on social media that his daughter is walking down the aisle soon!

On Tuesday, August 8, 2023, Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano announced on Instagram that his daughter, Kiana Valenciano, is finally getting married. 

“My beautiful forever-princess’ ring says it all,” he put in the caption. “[There is] so much I want to tell you Kiana, but I think I will save that for a day when you and I can just sit and talk,” he continued.

The Kapamilya singer-songwriter-actor also expressed his gratitude for Kiana’s fiancé Sandro. “I’m thankful for the young man the Lord allowed to find you,” Gary penned. “What a joy it is to have you in the V family.”

Kiana’s elder brother Gab Valenciano shared a snap of himself with Kiana and Sandro on his IG account, too. In the photo, he typed in the following text: “I love you both so much! [I’m] so happy for you, my loves.”

Congratulations, Kiana and Sandro!

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