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8 New Things We Discovered About Korean Actor Wi Ha Jun

What he prefers doing in his free time is something many people will surely be able to relate to

Korean actor Wi Ha Jun is currently in Manila for his fan meet with top lifestyle and clothing brand Bench. (Hey, trivia: this is his first ever fan meet since he started his acting career in 2012, and he chose the Philippines to be the venue for it!)

He graced a press conference ahead of his scheduled show on May 21 at the New Frontier Theater, and we learned a lot about him as he generously answered the questions from the press.  

Dubbed as "Gameplay With Wi Ha Jun," his debut fan meet, according to the 31-year-old artist, will be a venue where he hopes he can really have some eye contact with his fans—and, he said he wants to hug each and every one there. Aawww!

Clad in a navy blue polo shirt and light wash denim pants (from Bench, of course) with white sneakers, Wi Ha Jun looked cool and comfy in his casual ensemble. Commenting on this look, he said, "The fit that shows through my outfit is very cute but masculine." Aside from the styles, what Wi Ha Jun loves about Bench clothes is that they're very comfortable which is a perfect fit for his daily lifestyle and are great alternatives for when he gets a break from wearing suits at work.  

When host Sam Oh asked him how he feels to finally be in the Philippines, he said through a translator, "It's my first time to visit the Philippines, and for me, it's an honor that my first visit here is for a fan meeting. I'm very nervous right now, but I'm also very happy to be here with you." 


Here are more things we discovered about Korean actor Wi Ha Jun during his press conference with Bench:

First impressions of the Philippines

"The first impression that I had when I arrived here in the Philippines is, of course, the warm weather, and together with this, the warm eyes of the people who are very welcoming here in the Philippines. And, to think of the things I want to do as I visit the Philippines, of course, I want to visit Boracay and Cebu. Have some vacation for myself, time for myself. And sometimes my fans would send me pictures of themselves standing in front of posters of me wearing Bench clothing, in front of Bench stores, so I also personally want to visit Bench stores with posters of me and see the clothes there as well."

His fashion style

"Normally, when I am in shoots or different projects, I have to wear suits. I have to wear very formal [clothes]. But in my personal life, in my everyday lifestyle, I wear outfits that are very comfortable like trainers or just casual clothes." 

His favorite role

"A role that I really connect with was the role that I had in Bad and Crazy. And to be honest, it was a very challenging role for me as an actor as well. It allowed me to break my own personality to be able to fulfill this role. And personally, I'm kind of sad that it already ended but I really enjoyed the role and I really felt cute doing the role."

Being associated with the global hit series Squid Game

"After Squid Game, there were a lot of changes in my life. First of all, I was able to try a lot of things that I wasn't able to do before. And I can say that through Squid Game, I got the opportunity to sit here together with you and work with Bench as well."

The character he played that he is most similar to

"I think the role that is most similar to my personality would be Hwang Jun Ho of Squid Game. Because when I was preparing for this role, the people around me were telling me, 'Wow, you're really similar to that role.' And I also agree with that because I myself, I also have this sense of justice."

How he spends his free time

"I actually do nothing because I just spend time at home. And then if I have the time, I go work out. And I have this circle of friends that I'm really close with. I really enjoy going to cafes around my area, enjoy, talk with them, chat with them."


A role he wants to portray next

"If I were to be honest, I'm a probinsyano. I grew up in an island and I come from the province. So, I really enjoy the role where I would act as someone who is very rough because I've been growing up in the province but I got to fall in love with a very beautiful girl. And I really love to try love stories too. "


What keeps him grounded

"I think that the way I stay grounded is, of course, through my family, especially my parents. Whenever I feel anxious and worried, I tend to really rely on my parents and also read the different letters that my fans send to me. Cheering letters, cheerful letters. They help me a lot, and that's how I stay grounded."

Wi Ha Jun has been acting since 2012. Aside from Squid Game, he is also known in K-dramas like Something in the RainRomance Is a Bonus Book18 AgainBad and Crazy, and Little Women. What are next for him are the series  The Worst Evil (with another #GlobalBENCHSetter, Ji Chang Wook) and Gyeongseong Creature. 

Lead photo from @benchtm