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A Filipina ARMY's Experience At V’s Fanmeet in Seoul

Noella Fonbuena was among the lucky 1,400 ARMYs who attended V’s first solo fanmeeting

BTS has a legion of fans, and Noella Fonbuena is one of them. Her love for one of its members, V, is especially overwhelming. In fact, she joined a few raffle draws and remained faithful to her goals of finally meeting her #1 bias before making it to V’s fanmeet “Vicnic” last October 14, 2023. 

“Usually, for ARMYs, it’s all raffle. So [for] the first one, I tried music shows. There were three. I tried two but I didn’t win so my last chance, actually, was a fanmeet,” ABS-CBN Publishing’s Noella first told Metro.Style.  

“One of the requirements to enter that is to at least buy an album, and then you enter the raffle. And then you just wait for the result and that’s all you can do,” she continued. “And then luckily, I was one of the 1,400 who won.”

Trying to secure a ticket to V’s show is no picnic and needless to say, like shooting for the moon, but Noella’s mindset was to watch and witness her idol in the flesh and insisted on applying for a visa in anticipation of attending one of V’s line-up of affairs.

“Actually, when he said ‘okay, I will release my album, that was the time that I applied for a visa,” she said. “Wala na kasing schedule nu’n, e. The schedule for August is already done so buti na lang, starting August 29, there’s walk-in na for Korean Visa Application Center.”

“On the first day pa lang, I applied na, pero wala pang announcement nu’n and [I’m] just really waiting na baka mayru’ng music shows, you know? Walang announcement; [it was] just really to be ready,” Noella added.

A day after Noella’s scheduled appointment, V suddenly announced that there is an application for attending his solo music shows. “I tried for one music show, I didn’t win; I tried again for another, I didn’t [win again]. And then he announced the fanmeet,” Noella recalled.

Fate really has a life of its own. Noella was leaving everything to the universe until an exciting news turned up—at the right time when she needed it. “I got my visa [on] September 4, and I think I got my passport around September 7. So it was just really super sakto.”

When Noella became an ARMY at the peak of the pandemic through her sister, she then started to binge on BTS’ online concerts and one of them, titled “Bang Bang Con: The Live,” tugged at her heartstrings. From there forward, her fangirling began and there was no turning back. 

“And then from the first time I saw them, [I said,] ‘I really like the one with the green mic and the pink mic,’ and that’s V and Jin, actually. At first, it was V and Jin, but at the end of the concert, I really liked V. So from there, my ultimate bias never changed.”

To know more, keep scrolling and see what Noella has to say about her awesome and exhilarating fangirling experience:

Was it your first time flying to South Korea?

“It’s my second time. My first time was last year—it was also for BTS. We watched them in Busan in their last concert together. In Busan, it’s also raffle but you can also buy. But this one for V, it’s just really entirely raffle—just 1,400.”

How did they distribute the tickets?

“It’s random. So during the event, they just hand out random tickets. So it’s really just luck. But still, if you’re there, ‘di ba, you’re lucky na? And then when you line up, they’ll give you freebies. They checked our passports and they’re very strict talaga. They check if you look like yourself. And then they really check your name if it’s correct. And then from there, they give you the giveaways like merch, like the cookies, and then the photocard. And then they give you random ticket, then that’s it. You have nothing to do.”

At the show, where exactly were you seated?

“Row 21. It’s not that near but it’s fine.”

How about the ARMYs? Where they able to interact with their idol face-to-face?

“Four lucky ARMYs were able to join him on stage. Parang you have to dance—like freestyle dance. And then he’ll choose random four ARMYs. So they will focus you on camera and he will choose four. So one is dressed like Bart Simpson—and it’s his favorite character—so he chose her. And then, actually, one is a foreigner but she speaks Korean. And then the others, too, are Koreans. Actually, it works, because they all speak Korean kasi it’s really hard if there’s a foreigner. The entire fan meet is in Korean so if you’re a foreigner, you really won’t understand. So good thing I have a seatmate who is Korean, so he was able to translate some of what’s happened. [It’s] just like watching something that doesn’t have subtitles—you just laugh with them din.”

What BTS shows would you suggest to someone whose bias in the supergroup is V?

“I like BTS in the Soop. Parang it’s more kasi of their reality. You [get to] know them. It’s not just their music but you [get to] know the personality. And then they said, ‘okay, if you like it, watch BTS: Bon Voyage.’ It’s their travel show. And then if you like V, watch Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth. He’s really cute there, ’di ba? Bata-bata pa siya.”

See Noella’s snaps from V’s first solo fanmeet “Vicnic” in the gallery below:

Lead photos from @bts.bighitofficial and @noellefonbuena

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