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Kim Seon-Ho Trends On Twitter On His 5th TV Debut Anniversary

This talented, award-winning Korean actor is truly loved by many!

Kim Seon-ho made it yet again to the list of trending topics on Twitter. This well-loved Korean heartthrob is celebrating his fifth TV debut anniversary, and his fans made sure to express their love and support for him on social media.

The award-winning actor's loyal supporters from different parts of the world celebrated this milestone with him, using the hashtags #KimSeonHo5thAnniversary and #5taying With Kim SeonHo.

They looked back on his small screen projects—the first of which is the K-drama Good Manager that was released on January 25, 2017 and serves as the basis for his debut anniversary. They also shared the things they love about him. Aside from obviously being handsome, Kim Seon-ho's fans are also in awe of his talent, versatility, and charming personality (something that was further showcased when he became a regular cast member of reality-variety show 2 Days & 1 Night). They appreciate how nice and hardworking he is as well.                           


Despite the controversy he recently figured in that involved his ex-girlfriend, there's no denying Kim Seon-ho deserves a spot in the Hallyu scene and has a staying power in the industry. He's made such a huge impact on many viewers, and he's even said to have canceled the "cancel culture" prevalent in South Korea since many are still hoping for his comeback.

Interestingly, Kim Seon-ho has seemingly overcome the issue, as he's confirmed to join the cast of the film Sad Tropics. In the meantime, however, he's reportedly declining all new projects for this year.  

Considering his body of work in the five years he's been active in the scene, this theater actor turned K-drama star has proven his strong onscreen presence with each and every project. And we can't wait till he comes back stronger and make everyone fall in love with him and his character again in a series. 

Check out the gallery below for a look back on Kim Seon-ho's K-drama roles:

Happy fifth TV debut anniversary, Kim Seon-ho!

Which is your favorite Kim Seon-ho K-drama?

Lead photos from KBS2 and @seonho_kim

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