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This Is What The Metro Team Is Thankful For In 2022

This Thanksgiving, we look back at the adventure of a year that was.

Today, on Thanksgiving, the METRO team looks back at the adventure-filled year 2022 was, and gives thanks for all the wonderful experiences, blessings, and trials in between.

Geolette Esguerra, Editor-in-Chief

"I’m thankful for the gift of health for myself, family, and friends. I’m thankful for the many opportunities to learn and become a better human, for others and for the planet. I’m thankful for my growth as a creative—in writing, architecture, and more. I’m thankful for having a loving family that always supports me, a husband who respects my ideas, and a little boy who is curious about the world, which in turn, makes it an even more fascinating place for me to live in."

Grace Libero-Cruz, People Editor

"The gift of life is what I'm most thankful for this year. After everything we've all been through these past couple of years, I'm thankful to witness a "new" world. And I'm loving people's energy一everyone seems so re-energized to do more things, creating a positive environment for collaboration. I feel the same way, and I'm excited to plan trips and projects. 

This year felt like it went by so fast; still, I'm thankful for the quality time I spent with my family and friends. I finally got the chance to reunite with some of them. 

But no doubt, one of the highlights of my 2022 that I'm extremely grateful for as well is that my 5-year-old son finally started going to school face-to-face. I'm so happy that he can now experience socializing with other kids. I love it when I hear him say that he's excited to go to school. I enjoy homeschooling him on the side, as the classes are hybrid. I'm thankful for having a son who's very sweet and caring, who, at only five, takes care of me when I'm sick and makes all these handwritten artworks and love letters for me. That I get to be present as a parent and witness these small milestones unfold is thanks in part to my work-from-home setup (it does have disadvantages, too, but I feel the advantages outweigh those). 

Thankful for my ever-loving and supportive husband, too. It's not easy maintaining a marriage, but I'm always grateful to have a partner who's always ready to motivate me. Thankful for my parents, my siblings, and my other relatives for keeping me sane and grounded all the time. Thankful for my colleagues who make work feel fun and lighter. Thankful for my work, for giving me opportunities like meeting my ultimate oppa Ji Chang-wook. Thankful for myself, for staying strong."

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Anna Rosete, Living Editor

"2022 came after a very challenging 2021, so I took it like I do with most things: try to move on, and roll with the punches.  I am grateful for so much, though: for family, friends who help me keep things in perspective, reminding me of the Lord's faithfulness in my life. I am also thankful for health and the things that keep me busy. Along with all these, for my pets, as I have grown my pet family to three this year."

Randz Manucom, Fashion Editor

"What I’m most thankful for this year was being able to travel and spend time with the most important people on my life in the best destinations of the world. With turning 30 at Amanpulo with my mom, a memorable Euro trip with my two best friends, and more this year has been a true core memory-making year. I am beyond grateful for that."

Justin Convento, Culture Editor

"I’m grateful for so many things in 2022 and I can think of sooo many… but one common denominator is that all of them helped me rebuild my self esteem and self confidence. Living through the past couple of years, living through a pandemic and just being so grateful to myself that I made it through, physically, mentally, and emotionally, I realized how much the things that used to matter so much seem so small in the grand scheme of everything. I changed a lot, and I like to think I changed for the better.

Things I am thankful for:

First, and this may sound a bit funny to choose as my first, but I’m so thankful for discovering a love for Pinay drag queens. It all started with one write-up for my section, Top 10 Pinoy Songs We’d Lip Sync To For Our Lives at Drag Race Philippines, and watching some episodes here and there, and the rest is history. Whether it’s watching these queens just perform their hearts out and entertain their fans live, or even clicking on just on Instagram Live or binge watching videos on their YouTube channels, these things just give me so much life and inspire me to be the best version of me, to discover new facets of my personality—to be bold, to be beautiful, and to embrace my whole self.

Second, and this is related to the first, I am grateful for beginning to love myself more. It wasn’t one Aha! moment, but all these tiny life changes—eating better, moving more, setting better boundaries—that have helped steer me to making better decisions for myself overall, leading to a happier life. I realized that in being kinder to myself, putting myself first, that’s how I can best show up for others.

Third, I’m so grateful for teachers, mentors, and guides in my life, whom I can trust to have my best interests at heart and to be looking out for what’s best for me. On this note, I’m thankful for rekindling a love for learning. This year, I began to expand my knowledge, letting my mind and curiosity take me wherever and everywhere. I’ve been reading so much on Divine Feminine energies and cycle-syncing, consuming even more fiction books and doing creative writing workshops, and even found myself trying to start a little book club with a couple close friends.

Overall, 2022 has been great. You know that saying, “where focus goes, energy flows”—and it’s true and that’s why I try to focus on good. I realize my life is good, my life is full—and I am just open to enjoying all these blessings and joy from here on out."

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Kate Paras-Santiago, Beauty & Wellness Editor

"I started journaling 10 things I am grateful for each day in 2021, and I've continued to do it in 2022. Giving praise and thanksgiving to the Lord for all the blessings, trials, and experiences each day has truly helped me realize that the good truly outweighs the bad.

This year, I am so grateful that I've been able to see my family more often, and I've also realized the beauty and value of being with people face-to-face. I'm truly thankful that I've been blessed with opportunities to travel again, to rekindle my love for my job, to explore new interests and hobbies, and to embrace all that I'm becoming—losing the insecurities and worldly pressures I used to put on my back.

I am grateful for every breath I get to take, every moment I wake up in the morning, for I know my God is not done with me yet."

Raff Colmenar, Art Director

"First, I’m thankful for all the work opportunities that came my way this year and for all the brands that put their trust in me. Second, I’m happiest when I travel and get to see new places so I’m thankful that more countries are opening up to tourists again. I finally got to travel abroad after almost three years! Last but definitely not least, I’m most thankful for my new fiancé! I proposed to him at The Garden of Morning Calm in South Korea and it still feels so surreal that I get to call the love of my life, my fiancé. For sure, my most memorable moment of 2022."

Red Dimaandal, Managing Editor

"These days, gratitude grabs me in the little moments: Walking my dog every morning, who’s my best friend and favorite co-worker throughout the last year. My caring other half, who willingly drives for me every time I go to work (from Batangas to Manila). And mornings with my two grandparents who tell the same stories every day. This past year has been a whirlwind, but I'm grateful for how much it's taught me about myself. I’ve realized that happiness lies at the heart of what it means to enjoy the little things. Life can be so good, and today it is."

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Carla Buyo, Fashion Writer

"I’m thankful for my family’s good health, the experiences that molded me and kept me grounded this year, and the little things that bring me joy."

CJ Reyes, Video Producer

1. You’ve come so far. Through the thick and the thin, you’ve made it here. That counts for something. You can be proud of that.

2. You’re deeply loved. More than you can ever imagine. Even if you feel alone at times, you never are.

3. You’re not done. You’re a beautiful work in progress and have so much more to become.

Janelle Paraiso, Staff Writer

"I am thankful for the opportunities that have opened for me; my job and all the joy that comes with doing my craft; and on top of all, I am always grateful that my baby girl is happy and healthy."