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Highlights Of Jinyoung's "Rendezvous" With The Philippine Press

The Korean actor actor/idol shared what the best thing is about having a solo music career and hinted at the next acting role he wishes to take on

Got7 Jinyoung Rendezvous press conference Manila

Korean actor/idol Jinyoung held his "Rendezvous" fanconcert in Manila on February 26 at the New Frontier Theater. Ahead of the event brought by concert and event producer PULP Live World, he had a press conference where he talked about acting and pursuing a solo music career.

Jinyoung made his entertainment debut in 2012 through the K-drama Dream High 2, and in that same year, he and his fellow trainee at the time Jay B were launched as a duo called the JJ Project. Then in 2014, he debuted as a vocalist of JYP Entertainment's boy band Got7

Throughout these years, Jinyoung has been juggling his acting and idol projects impressively, achieving feats in both aspects of his career. As an actor, he starred in K-dramas like He Is PsychometricThe Devil Judge, and Yumi's Cells 2. Earlier this year, in January, he kicked off 2023 by launching his solo singing career through the album Chapter 0: WITH with the title track "Cotton Candy." 

During the press conference, Happee Media asked him what the most challenging role he's ever taken on was. To which, he replied, "Honestly speaking, I cannot just specify which role was the most challenging. Because some of them looked simple in the beginning but they became challenging as I was building the character, so I find all roles difficult. And Witch, the drama I am currently shooting, I am playing as character Dong-Jin. It is challenging as I have to put a lot of thought into it."

Booked and busy with his solo engagements, ABS-CBN asked what the best thing about pursuing a solo music career for him is. But even as he's touring solo now, promoting his album, Jinyoung expressed how much he misses his fellow Got7 members and wants to perform with them again. "Preparation time is short," he said. "Just 40 minutes. With the team, 2 hours and half. Too short. That is all (That is the only best thing). It is surely more enjoyable to be with the rest of the members but I feel lonely at times." His fellow Got7 members Jay B, Youngjae, Bambam, Yugyeom, and Jackson also recently visited Manila on separate occasions. The last time Got7 held a concert in Manila was in 2019. 

Got7 Jinyoung Rendezvous press conference Manila

Jinyoung has, no doubt, accomplished a lot already as an actor, but growth will always be inevitable. So on the topic of the roles he wishes to undertake, as brought up by ABS-CBN in the press conference, the 28-year-old Hallyu star said, "To be frank, I want to play all the roles. Because, although all characters look similar, as an actor who actually acts out the characters, they all have their own charm so I want to try all roles, and I also want to play a character that is around my age."

For now, he's focused on his upcoming drama, the webtoon-based Witch, and it's a significant part of his 2023 plans. "I want to do my best for the drama that I am shooting right now, until the end," he told Happee Media. Witch is helmed by director Kim Tae-kyun, and it's a story of a man who fell in love with a woman (to be played reportedly by Noh Jung Ui) called "witch." Jinyoung's role is Lee Dong-jin, who graduates from college with a major in statistics and later works for a company where he has built a reputation as the best data minter in the industry.

Ending his press conference on a high note, Jinyoung shared a message for the Ahgases (the fans of Got7): "I want to thank Philippines Ahgase for waiting for me for such a long time although I was not able to come here for a long time. To make up for the years that we have not met, I want to communicate with the fans by always showing new aspects of me. And thank you always, and I will most definitely come back."

Till our next rendezvous, Jinyoung!

Lead photo from @jinyoung_0922jy