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Exclusive: “Tale of the Nine Tailed: 1938” Stars Talk About Their Characters

Lee Dong Wook, Kim Bum, Kim So Yeon, and Ryu Kyung Soo shared what they are most excited about in this season

Tale of the Nine Tailed has become one of 2020’s biggest hits, and it’s making history again with its sequel, this time with an all-star cast who are up for the bigger challenge. “I really wanted to work with the director, writer, and all of the cast,” said newcomer Kim So Yeon, who will play the part of Ryu Hong Joo in the newest season. When asked why she agreed to take on the series, she told Metro.Style, “Personally, I’ve always wanted to do a fantasy genre. I didn’t have to think twice. I just yelled, ‘go!’” 

Starring Lee Dong Wook, Kim Bum, and Jo Bo Ah, Tale of the Nine Tailed first aired in 2020. It follows the narrative of Lee Yeon (Dong Wook), a male “gumiho” or a mythical nine-tailed fox. In Season 1, his time with Nam Ji Ah (Bo Ah) culminated in a happy ending, hinting at a trade-off that he had to tiptoe on. Come Season 2, Lee Yeon will have to square up to new struggles as he was summoned to the year 1938. 

In this season, the adventure revolves around Lee Yeon being dragged back to the past while all the people whom he aches to be with belong to the present. “I’m the same old me. I’m back as Lee Yeon, just as I was in the previous season,” the main protagonist stated. Throughout his struggle to return to the right era, Lee Yeon’s series of encounters unfold. He chanced upon his brother Lee Rang (Kim Bum), and met a beautiful restaurant owner. Kim Bum, however, will reprise his role in the series while Ryu Kyung Soo will render his character Cheon Mu Young

Check out our Q&A session with the Tale of the Nine Tailed: 1938 stars:

Please introduce yourselves and your character.

Kim Bum: "I reprise my role as Lee Rang, this time in 1938. I am the leader of a group of bandits called Majeokdan, still tormenting and stealing from people, until I meet my brother from the future, which cause a change of heart and makes me want to protect certain things."

Kim So Yeon: "I play the role of Ryu Hong Ju, the owner of the most successful restaurant in Gyeongseong called Myoyeongak. I am a woman of enormous powers, and am also an owl."

Ryu Kyung Soo: "I play the character Cheon Mu Young. I’m the former guardian mountain spirit of the north. I’m also a physician and have the power to control fire. I’m also a tiger."


What was it like returning on the set of “Tale of the Nine Tailed?” What did you miss most there—mint chocolate ice cream, the red umbrella?

Lee Dong Wook: "Yes, like you said, I couldn’t have the mint-chocolate ice cream due to the time period so I missed it quite a lot, but I missed Ji Ah, my love, the most."

How do you feel reprising your role? 

Kim Bum: "First of all, my character died in the first season, but the fact I’m back in my role, I feel grateful. What a relief! And when you look at my character in Season 2, this is set in a period I had only thought of in my imagination, but the fact I’m able to portray a character living in this time period, I’m very excited and had a lot of fun. I’m excited for the fans to see it as well."


How did it feel working with the other cast?

Ryu Kyung Soo: "For me, I call them Hyung, Noona, which is like ‘older brother’ and ‘older sister’ in Korean so we’ve gotten very close. However, all three cast members sitting here with me have so much more acting experience than myself, so throughout production, I tried to pick up many tips and tricks from them and observe the way they worked. And thankfully, I did get a lot of tips." 

Let’ s talk about your fashion looks in the series. Like your now-iconic character in Penthouse, Ryu Hong Joo also seems like quite the fashionista. Which among your looks here is your favorite and why?

Kim So Yeon: "I also personally researched a lot about the time period but my personal stylist, the costume designer, and art team did such an amazing job creating the character Ryu Hong Joo through fashion. It really helped with my expression and portrayal of the character. Fancy, over-the-top, and reflective of her desire to get/want it all… I feel like it really helped me bring the character Hong Joo to life."

Interview by Geolette Esguerra

Lead photo courtesy of Amazon Prime

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